Beautiful evening dresses of stars at the Bambi Awards 2013

Bambi Awards 2013 and the most splendid evening dresses celebrities

 Bambi Award

It was one of the major events in the field of music. The Bambi Awards 2013 happened last Saturday which could see celebrities dressed in their pretty dresses. Here is a presentation of the beautiful evening dresses of this ceremony.

The beautiful dresses of the Bambi Awards 2013

A great opportunity to be seen

 Bambi Awards

The Bambi Awards ceremony is one of the most followed ceremonies in the world. This is a great ceremony of reward for the stars of the music. In addition, it is also an opportunity to discover beautiful evening dresses of these stars of the song.

 Bambi Awards

This year 2013, famous singers opted for elegance in their choice of evening dresses. The styles are very varied, because one sees simple evening dresses and more sophisticated and detailed models.

The beautiful dresses of the Bambi Awards

 Bambi Awards

They are likely to have opted for an elegant evening dress. We can say that these stars never fail to novelties. They always have a new style to discover. What is unique is that they are all stylish with their evening dresses.

 Bambi Awards

The first star to have sublimated the red carpet of the Bambi Awards, it is Franzisca Kruppe. The young star has chosen a clear pink strapless evening dress with beautiful silver patterns. Very elegant, the skirt is adorned with feathered fabric. It is very beautiful.

 Bambi Awards

Victoria Beckham has opted for a black dress long and sexy. The beauty of her look is surely his very feminine neckline that highlights his chest. The black color is perfect and it caused a sensation with her long skirt.

 Bambi Awards

A unique evening during the Bambi Awards dress, it is Miley Cyrus evening dress. It has opted for sobriety on the red carpet, even though her dress is both sexy. It is a figure-hugging black color with a very futuristic style evening dress.

 Bambi 2013 awards

Helen Fisher is a very elegant and sublime white dress she chose. The draped style neckline accentuates elegance with long sleeves. It does not go without saying that white color is simply fantastic.

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