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The Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2014 and the most beautiful evening dresses

The most beautiful evening dresses of stars and actresses on the red carpet of the Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2014 Every year after the ceremony of Oscars, stars, actresses and celebrities are appointment the evening of «Vanity Fair». Obviously, this … Continue reading

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Green evening dresses and spring

Opt for a green evening gown to be fashionable in spring Spring arrives and fashion lovers are already beginning to choose the fashionable look. In evening gowns, the trend will be long and short green dresses. At chouchoudress, very interesting … Continue reading

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The most beautiful Oscars 2014 evening dresses

The 2014 Oscars ceremony reveals the stars with pretty and elegant evening dresses   After the 2014 BAFTA best stars dresses, the Oscars ceremony is one of the most important festivals of this year. It is also an opportunity to … Continue reading

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The most beautiful evening dresses of 2014 BAFTA

2014 BAFTA and the actresses in the most beautiful dresses of the year   It is the first festival films of this 2014 year. The 2014 BAFTA ceremony took place on February 16 where it was able to see stars … Continue reading

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What’s new in chouchoudress? Short skirts

Exclusively, women’s short skirts come on chouchoudress Chouchoudress is evolving day by day to provide women the most beautiful clothes that exist. In order to offer satisfaction to women and fashionista this year 2014, chouchoudress unveil new, beautiful short skirts. … Continue reading

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