The most beautiful evening dresses of 2014 BAFTA

2014 BAFTA and the actresses in the most beautiful dresses of the year

 star dress

It is the first festival films of this 2014 year. The 2014 BAFTA ceremony took place on February 16 where it was able to see stars of cinema with magnificent evening dresses. Here are some of the most beautiful dresses of this ceremony.


A cinema ceremony converted into a fashion show

An opportunity to stand out with a nice look

 star dress

The BAFTA or British Awards ceremony is an award ceremony where movie stars can stand. Stand by the heel, but by the look also. For most actresses, this is reflected by the choice of a pretty evening dress.

 star dress

Colors and styles are the key words of the 2014 BAFTA ceremony. Indeed, beautiful actresses have made the choice to opt for completely remarkable and women’s dresses. There is also other great fashion like Dior suits.


The most beautiful dresses evening of 2014 BAFTA

 star dress

The first dress that has attracted the most people it is surely that of Léa Seydoux. It is a beautiful and long-sleeved ¾, a long skirt end sailing and a bust adorned with Rhinestones. His style is very remarkable and lit up the evening of BAFTA.

 star dress

To the beautiful Lilly Allen, she opted for a real princess dress. The singer chose a true Queen of Orange and fuchsia dress. In appearance, its evening dress is designed in satin with a bustier style and a knot at the back.

 star dress

With a little more discretion but as elegantly, the famous actress Kate Blanchett appeared with an Alexander Mc Queen evening dress. Its beauty is observed especially with its color drowns upscale and with flowers embroidery patterns.

 star dress

The star of the evening was surely Lupita Nyong’o ‘ o. The young actress caused a sensation by choosing a superb and elegant evening dress. Many are those who were conquered by its splendor and its taste for elegance.

                                                                     star dress

Uma Thurman chose a super slinky strapless dress to stand out during the 2014 BAFTA ceremony. Style neckline and jewelry that she chose to accompany his evening dress accentuates its elegance.

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