The most beautiful Oscars 2014 evening dresses

The 2014 Oscars ceremony reveals the stars with pretty and elegant evening dresses

 2014 Oscar star dress

After the 2014 BAFTA best stars dresses, the Oscars ceremony is one of the most important festivals of this year. It is also an opportunity to see and admire the most famous actresses with evening dresses breathtaking.

More evening dresses and other styles

Star dresses, always innovative

 2014 Oscar star dress

We can say that these famous movie stars are always a few things in order to highlight their beauty. Indeed, in evening dresses, innovative styles and ultra elegant looks discover always.

 2014 Oscar star dress

For these Oscars 2014, there was then elegance, sexy side, a bit of romance and a great sexy side. The colors also took place during the Oscar 2014 thanks to stars unique and sensual evening dresses.

The beautiful dresses of the Oscars 2014

 2014 Oscar star dress

First evening dress that has drawn attention is that of Cate Blanchett. The famous actress chose a private Armani dress. A semi-transparent champagne color, stylish and very feminine decorations have caused a sensation.

 2014 Oscar star dress

After Cate Blanchett come the actress Angelina Jolie and her superb evening dress. It seems like a great lady in her dress. Rumors suggest that this glittering evening dress is a creation of Elie Saab. In any case, it is splendid.

 2014 Oscar star dress

All famous actresses have opted for dresses of famous fashion designers. Kate Hudson chose a very glamorous Versace evening dress. This Mermaid style model is perfectly consistent with her body and the neckline is sexy.

 2014 Oscar star dress

Penelope Cruz seems to have found its silhouette of young woman. Indeed, the young mother appeared on the red carpet of the Oscars 2014 with a sublime evening dress. Her dress switches to an oriental style mixed with a touch of modernity.

 2014 Oscar star dress

Sexy, glamorous and elegant, all these words describe the beauty of Jenna Duwan dress on the red carpet of the Oscars 2014. She was able to choose a fairy with her mermaid dress look to illuminate the ceremony. This is one of the most beautiful dresses of the Oscars 2014.

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