Green evening dresses and spring

Opt for a green evening gown to be fashionable in spring

spring green dress

Spring arrives and fashion lovers are already beginning to choose the fashionable look. In evening gowns, the trend will be long and short green dresses. At chouchoudress, very interesting templates are available.

Spring fashion and new evening dresses

The green color in the spring fashion

spring green dress

This spring 2014, the green color is put at the honor exceptionally. She will be present in all the clothing trends. Or yet chic fashion Street, classic mode, it is not to be missed.

spring green dress

This trend which blows in spring is that green evening dresses are also preferred. The models are very varied and the spring trend also adapts to different styles of evening dresses. These sample templates are part of the trend cannot miss this spring.

Multiple choices of green dresses for spring

spring green dress

The idea of fashionable spring 2014 is to adapt to the spring environment. Since spring is synonymous with flowering and green is the symbol of flowers and spring.

spring green dress

A first very interesting model, it is this evening dress chiffon pleated bust and single ramp. This stylish model is only $ 125.99 with a long skirt pleated and flared, the belt at the waist.

spring green dress

For a day, here’s the ideal cocktail dress party. It is a formal short dress with shoulder straps in froufrou. Chic and elegant, her skirt stops above the knees and a fine wheel lace to the perfect size all. This dress is currently sold at only € 79.99.

spring green dress

For parties and formal ceremonies, a chic dress is required for this spring. For such an opportunity, this Green long satin evening dress will be perfect. The advantage of this dress is her skirt split with ornaments from present rhinestones on almost the entire surface of the dress.

spring green dress

For women who love the elegant super mode, this evening long dress siren profile is just perfect. The style to bear at the level of the shoulder is chic with a lace veil. Her long skirt at ground level perfectly complements the side Halter. For the price, this fabulous dress is sold at € 169.99.

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