The most beautiful dresses at the White House

The beautiful stars evening dresses at the White House Correspondents Dinner

It was a very event expected this month of May. The White House Correspondents Dinner was held on May 3. Of course, could see the stars of the moment and all have chosen to dress beautiful and splendid evening dresses. Here is a small summary in image.


A very special dinner, very stylish outfits

When celebrities are in the White House

It is always a very special moment to enter the White House, even one is a star. For this evening, they were likely to scroll before the red carpet of the White House to attend the famous White House Correspondents Dinner.

During this very special dinner, we see guests from all backgrounds and all areas. Songs stars, stars of showbiz, actors and actresses, the White House was filled with celebrities during the evening. We must also say that this is a unique dinner that we cannot miss.


The most beautiful evening dresses during dinner

Obviously, when one attends a dinner at the White House, it is not at all tolerable to a faux pas. To do this, American celebrities have all opted for the finest evening wear and the most beautiful evening dresses to stand out from the others.

The first lady of the White House is the first one to show her pretty evening dress. Michelle Obama opted for a beautiful white dress, Marchesa. As usual, she made a perfect the bare shoulder style and floral motifs on the bust.

Lupita Nyong’o ‘ o, the Kenyan star chose, for its part, an Oscar de la Renta dress all in black. The style is very elegant with patterns in peas on the bust and the slightly flared skirt. We can say that the famous actress always keeps its very sublime appearance.

The beautiful Lindsey Vonn played on the sexy elegant during the White House Correspondents Dinner. She chose a long dress Golden with a v-neck long-sleeved and a skirt draped on the front. Glitter glitter everywhere on the surface of the dress to give a wonderful effect.

Sexy and glamorous, Sophia Vergara also ignited the red carpet of the White House with his stunning evening dress. She chose a style two-tone, gold at the bust and white skirt level. Her dress perfectly fits its morphology to give a sexy-glamour effect. We can say that it has made a very good choice.

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