News on chouchoudress, shorts for women

Shorts for women arrive in the large collection of chouchoudress

Well, this is surely one of the biggest surprises of the summer on chouchoudress. After the arrival of swimsuits and bikinis for women, now there are shorts for women in the chouchoudress collection. For the summer, in the city or at the beach, it is ideal.

Shorts for women and fashion of the summer

What’s new in surprise for lovers of fashion women?

And it is left to the novelties of chouchoudress. One is in midsummer and that is what it takes to have a trend in the city or at the beach look. The arrival of these shorts for women is a delight for lovers of fashion because the styles are at the top and very affordable prices.

Indeed, in style, these shorts for women are very biased. Models are very varied and the colors are even more different that the choice will be difficult because we all loved. In class or relaxed mode, the choice belongs to each for the most beautiful of the shorts.


Some models of the new collection of shorts for women

As mentioned before, there are many styles available in this collection of shorts for women in chouchoudress. As in the collections of evening dresses, there are style ideal upscale for the city and the styles a little casual for stay at home or to go to the beach.

Here is a model of short on pleated style which has a solid color. Very classy and elegant to wear, this model has two large pockets and a door belt. For the amateurs of military color, this model will be perfectly adequate.

With a more casual style, here is the short in viscose with an elastic waist and a cord. This is the model e kind that feels perfectly at home. For the choice of color, this model is available in blue, grey or green for only € 24.99.

Hyper upscale and chic also, perfect in any environment, here is short white cotton with a straight cut. Its color is very beautiful and allows displaying any look and highlighting any garment that is with.

Thanks to this short model belt ornament, the style becomes very refined. This cotton model is so very classy, available in different colors on chouchoudress. This pretty short for woman is currently sold at a price of €27.99.

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