Beautiful evening dresses at the Paris Cinéma Festival

Beautiful star evening dresses paraded down the red carpet of the Paris Cinema

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After the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, where it was able to discover of great and sublime evening dresses, French stars gave themselves go from 5 to 12 July last at the Paris Film Festival. It is a ceremony not to be missed for the French actresses. It is also an opportunity to see magnificent evening dresses.


Actresses French and the trend at the Festival Paris Cinema

The Paris Cinema Festival, a French history

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This year, the Paris Film Festival highlights the French films and French actresses. During the Festival, could therefore see many French actresses and celebrities who have honored the Festival with their presence.

red carpet dress

Clothing trends and evening dresses, red carpet already showed a very French tendency. Here is a presentation of some evening dresses that have marked the red carpet of the Festival Paris Cinema 2014.


Festival Paris Cinéma and the red carpet

star dress

Melita Toscan chose a beautiful robe floury in the colors of the summer for the red carpet. Elegant but very serious, she says look very assumed its further long-sleeved dress with a Black Lace neckline. She accompanied her dress with beautiful pink pumps.

Festival Paris Cinema : Opening Ceremony At Cinema  Gaumont Opera Capucines

Dressed in black and glamorous, Delphine Depardieu has been eagerly awaited on the red carpet of the Paris Festival. She chose a short evening dress light with short sleeves. Very relaxed in her low-cut dress, she has been able to maintain a very feminine look.

star dress

Another star dressed in black, Naidra Ayadi. It has not opted for an evening gown but a costume very glamour black color in his usual manner. Remaining very upscale it fully adopts her garçonne look she loves both show on the red carpet.

red carpet dress

The French actress Julie Gayet plays on the glamorous side also at the Paris Film Festival. She is dressed in a black jacket like Naidra Ayadi to ensure a look discrete glamour hands. It must be said that it has become one of these looks favorite for some time.

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