Christmas evening dresses, new promotional offers

The most beautiful Christmas evening dresses are currently in promotion for the happiness of women


If some women have already chosen their dresses for Christmas, others are still hesitant. For these women who have not yet found their dresses for Christmas, chouchoudress offers a wide choice amongst its superb evening dresses models long Christmas.


A special promotion for Christmas on evening dresses

One purchased dress, another broken price


This year, chouchoudress reserve a special promotion for the fashion lovers. Indeed, for a purchased dress, the client has the right to add another dress with a price. For an evening gown, the second dress will be purchased for just € 15.


This offer is valid for products in subcategory Christmas. To do this, therefore, need to first choose a main article before adding a second story to take advantage of the price. For an evening gown, the second dress will be €15 only; this is an offer not to be missed.


Sublime chouchoudress Christmas evening dresses


All the types of dresses presented in this category are elegants, gorgeous and chic. The choice will be difficult because each model’s dress has characteristic and unique features. The colors also reflect the atmosphere of Christmas.


Here’s the short evening dress, Christmas red strapless cocktail dress charming heart Princess. It is a very chic dress model through the folds can be seen on the side front of the dress, at the level of the bust and waist. Any lightness, it is a beautiful cocktail dress.


Here is a long evening dress, red Christmas evening dress a-line with a long chiffon cape. It is a splendid dress with chic shoulder straps and a pretty skirt in vertical folds. The bust is as chic as the rest of the dress, and Red offers a unique dress look.


With a sexy side, this ceremony / evening Christmas dress will be a very remarkable dress. A red color, with a halter style and a mini-trained and a rhinestone to the back ramp, the dress comes with class.


For more brilliance in the appearance, one can opt for this stunning short cocktail Christmas dress. Its peculiarity is that the bust is covered with beautiful white pearls. The skirt in red highlights the dress.

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