The most beautiful evening dresses at the ceremony of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Sublime dresses stars during the ceremony of the MTV Movie Awards

MTV Movie Awards

The ceremony of the MTV Movie Awards 2015 well kept its promises. As every year, the stars and actresses paraded on the red carpet with beautiful evening dresses. Here are some of the most beautiful dresses of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards ceremony .


2015 Movie Awards and beautiful dresses of ceremony

Another fashion appointment of celebrities

MTV Movie Awards

Even if it is an awards ceremony for cinema, the red carpet is all the more put forward. It is a festival of fashion for actresses and other stars of showbiz. And when talking about dress, some famous names are repeated very often.

MTV Movie Awards

If it only talks about Cara Develigne, Jennifer Lopez, or even Rihanna, they choose all of superb outfits, elegant and unique. The MTV Movie Avards therefore held the promise of a red carpet special feminine trend.


The most beautiful dresses seen on the red carpet

MTV Movie Awards

Cara Develigne is the first to have sublimated this ceremony. New in the world of cinema but not in the fashion world, she has opted for a retro stylish dress. It is a short dress loose sleeved fitted with a black belt highlighting its beauty.

MTV Movie Awards

If we talk about short and sexy dress, Liz Hernandez is surely one of the most noticed during this ceremony. With his gorgeous body, her short dress mini black perfectly reflects his style. This mini dress has wide suspenders and her body is very uncomfortable.

MTV Movie Awards

The sexiest stars dresses is surely the Jennifer Lopez dress. It has opted for a black total look with a super-short dress and a black suit for accompanied by upwards of a pouch of the same color. Her featured cleavage and the size marked by a belt, her look is simply sexy.

MTV Movie Awards

The star Victoria Justice has opted for a shiny mini dress for the ceremony of the MTV Movie Awards 2015. She has a very young style with this brilliant multi-colored robe. Very chic, this dress to the sexy look has not gone unnoticed on the red carpet.

MTV Movie Awards 2015

This dress is surely the sexiest on the red carpet; this is the dress of the beautiful Maia Mitchell. It is a dress mini black color with beautiful long sleeves. It assumes perfect her look with this style of dress that perfectly follows the curves of her body.

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