The 2015 collection of cocktail dresses

Chouchoudress unveils its new collection of cocktail dresses in the 2015 collection

Cocktail dresses arrived on chouchoudress, a brand new collection. Outputs while evening dresses, these new models of cocktail dresses are quite splendid and elegant in agreement with the 2015 trend. It’s time to visit on chouchoudress to discover these new features.


The beauty of the 2015 collection cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses, the dresses not to be missed for the 2015 year

If you remade a small lesson in fashion, cocktail dresses are surprising short evening dresses. THE fact that they are short allows a more youthful look, and allows more power to remove in some cases as to dancing for example.

The good side of a cocktail dress is that it can offer a wide choice of style. One of the most advantaged styles with cocktail dress is the sexiness. Some models of this collection of chouchoudress 2015 will provide women to have different styles, including sexy style.


Some examples of the new collection of cocktail dresses

Here is the mysterious purple strapless cocktail dress. This is a unique and stylish modern dresses fashion model. At the level of the hip starts a subtle and charming folds ornament. The skirt is lined with a very elegant fine veil. It’s a perfect back closure perfect whole.

This cocktail dress is surprising with its unique ramp style. In keeping with this style, this sublime cocktail dress has a remarkable asymmetrical skirt. The desired female effect appears with elegance thanks to the belt of rhinestones at the waist.

With a pretty sexy side, Scoop Neck cocktail dress is perfect for the lover of the attractive style. Its entire surface displays pleated fabrics which offer a superb appearance. On the shoulders, wide straps have an elegant ornament with semi-precious stones.

In the 2015 cocktail dresses collection, there are this sublime Princess lace dress. With a Royal beige lace ornaments reveal their beauty. Integrated belt adorns the dress at the waist and enhances the unique left shoulder strap.

If some women like embroidery, they are served. Here is the cocktail dress strapless chiffon with embroidery shoulders. Very light and sexy at the same time, this sublime dress is one of the leading models of the 2015 chouchoudress cocktail dresses collection

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Promotion of Halloween on sexy lingerie at -70%

The promotion of Halloween on sexy lingerie, a reduction up to -70%

This month of October, it is the rush of Halloween promotions. For chouchoudress, to by costumes sexy, the promotion also concerns the sexy lingerie with corsets and sexy super outfit models developed at broken prices.


The promotion of -70% on sexy lingerie

Unreleased models of sexy dress and corset for Halloween

As for the sexy costumes, sexy lingerie models developed in promotion are simply sublime. There are among other women sexy outfit and sexy corsets. What are all models styled for the latest female trend?



For the promotion of women’s lingerie Halloween chouchoudress has opted for a reduction up to 70%. Every woman there will be able to find a perfect fit because the styles are varied, as well as the colors. The promo of Halloween, it is the promotion not to be missed this year.


Sexy lingerie and attractive models

In the category of corsets, we can distinguish this very stylish model. It’s the corset sexy natural beauty of woman. With the promotion, this corset is €29, 99 with essential assets such as its attractive green color and floral ornaments and lace. This module is also available in purple color.



For women who like to have the class, even with a corset, this model will be the ideal. This precious Princess corset is super chic. His Royal color and sophisticated style sounds a chic appearance. With the promotion of Halloween, this model is sold at just$ 29.99.

The promotion of Halloween lingerie also offers sexy outfits like this. It’s the holding sexy body in lace discovering shoulders. The red color is captivating and very attractive. The stylish side lace adds the attraction to this sexy outfit. With the promotion, it is sold for just € 22.29.




It is said that every woman hides an animal. To move a rather wild Halloween, this sexy outfit is perfect. It is the feline sexy outfit in latex patterned skin of cheetahs. The sexy Word takes on its meaning with this outfit. She is currently €24.99 promotion.



For a sexy super intimate look assured, here is the outfit sexy sensual intimacy of women. With its pure white color, this model’s lingerie appears with splendor. With the promotion of Halloween, this sexy lingerie model is sold for just € 14.99. It’s time to enjoy.

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The charm every day with trendy women dresses

Women dresses are currently at 67% for a very feminine charm

Here is a hot deal this summer on chouchoudress. To ensure a charm on a daily basis and an assured femininity, the new 2014 dresses collection’s chouchoudress women are from 67%. This is the time to discover this great collection.


Dresses of women’s new collection at-67%

The beauty of the women dresses super trends

At first sight, these women dresses are beautiful and they are also very beautiful. In contrast to the evening dresses and cocktail dresses, these models are not made for official ceremonies such as marriages.

Indeed, these dresses trends provide rather a daily femininity. These are ideal and proper dresses for a daily release, not necessarily during the festivities or ceremonies. To go to the office and to be chic every day, these dresses are just perfect.


Models of dresses women and the promotion of 67%

All of the dresses in this category are discounted. The price cut will up to 67% currently. In matters of style and color, everything is represented. All women will find satisfaction. Here are some very interesting models of dresses women.

Here is a chic and light dress super woman model. It is a short dress with a black color Claudine collar which has a lace belt. To keep one side casual spiked on the entire surface of the reasons white dress which ensures a very beautiful appearance.

This is another very chic dress model. It is a model more colorful with the same characteristics as the previous dress woman. On chouchoudress currently, it is $ 54.99 and style provides a very feminine lightness.

With more class and always lightness very present, this dress style is beautiful. For a woman who seeks the charm on a daily basis, it is ideal. This model has a purple color and a very feminine cut for a price of only € 61.99 currently.

With colors of summer, this dress woman model perfectly embodies a charming style. Currently with a discounted less 50%, this beautiful dress is only€ 51.99. The charm on a daily basis, it is with chouchoudress women dresses, there is still time to enjoy.

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Beautiful evening dresses at the Paris Cinéma Festival

Beautiful star evening dresses paraded down the red carpet of the Paris Cinema

article2 (2)

After the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, where it was able to discover of great and sublime evening dresses, French stars gave themselves go from 5 to 12 July last at the Paris Film Festival. It is a ceremony not to be missed for the French actresses. It is also an opportunity to see magnificent evening dresses.


Actresses French and the trend at the Festival Paris Cinema

The Paris Cinema Festival, a French history

evening dress

This year, the Paris Film Festival highlights the French films and French actresses. During the Festival, could therefore see many French actresses and celebrities who have honored the Festival with their presence.

red carpet dress

Clothing trends and evening dresses, red carpet already showed a very French tendency. Here is a presentation of some evening dresses that have marked the red carpet of the Festival Paris Cinema 2014.


Festival Paris Cinéma and the red carpet

star dress

Melita Toscan chose a beautiful robe floury in the colors of the summer for the red carpet. Elegant but very serious, she says look very assumed its further long-sleeved dress with a Black Lace neckline. She accompanied her dress with beautiful pink pumps.

Festival Paris Cinema : Opening Ceremony At Cinema  Gaumont Opera Capucines

Dressed in black and glamorous, Delphine Depardieu has been eagerly awaited on the red carpet of the Paris Festival. She chose a short evening dress light with short sleeves. Very relaxed in her low-cut dress, she has been able to maintain a very feminine look.

star dress

Another star dressed in black, Naidra Ayadi. It has not opted for an evening gown but a costume very glamour black color in his usual manner. Remaining very upscale it fully adopts her garçonne look she loves both show on the red carpet.

red carpet dress

The French actress Julie Gayet plays on the glamorous side also at the Paris Film Festival. She is dressed in a black jacket like Naidra Ayadi to ensure a look discrete glamour hands. It must be said that it has become one of these looks favorite for some time.

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Chouchoudress and the top of the ready to wear for women

The clothes ready to wear for women of chouchoudress, a great fashion

Since the beginning of this year 2014, chouchoudress unveiled little by little its latest products trends. We have seen from beautiful new 2014 collection evening dresses, shirts for men, and especially beautiful ready to wear women clothes.


The ready to wear trend, the 2014 chouchoudress trend

Ready to wear for all at ideal prices

Since women are more romantic fashion, these are clothes for women who meet the collection of ready to wear chouchoudress. In this collection, there are dresses women, club dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts, leggings, pajamas and bathrobe and recently, we’ve added swimsuits and bikini.

For the price, products in the ready to wear category are very interesting so that all women can be met. Prices start from € 18.99 that can be seen in the collection of skirt, an ideal price for everyone.


Some models of clothes ready to wear from chouchoudress

Here’s a shirt in ready to wear collection, a model with a retro style tile. This shirt has long sleeves with a single pocket. Currently, this shirt is only € 39.99 on chouchoudress.

And this skirt with Aztec prints is only € 20.99 on chouchoudress. It is a skirt very trendy, ideal for young women. It should be noted that for skirts, the delivery is currently available, it is an opportunity.

Shorts are also trends in this ready to wear category. You can see for example this brilliant bicolor pattern. Designed entirely in cotton, this model is available in several colors. And for just € 24.99, it takes 5-8 business days delivery time to receive.

Now here is a model of leggings in this ready to wear category. This leggings is designed with the Lycra and this model is available in Brown and red. It helps to have a very sexy and elegant look for only € 33.99.

Dress club is one of the first models of this ready to wear category. This club dress € 26.99 has a style neckline with a skirt to slots. This is a very sexy, ideal dress for a party between young or to go dancing.

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News on chouchoudress, shorts for women

Shorts for women arrive in the large collection of chouchoudress

Well, this is surely one of the biggest surprises of the summer on chouchoudress. After the arrival of swimsuits and bikinis for women, now there are shorts for women in the chouchoudress collection. For the summer, in the city or at the beach, it is ideal.

Shorts for women and fashion of the summer

What’s new in surprise for lovers of fashion women?

And it is left to the novelties of chouchoudress. One is in midsummer and that is what it takes to have a trend in the city or at the beach look. The arrival of these shorts for women is a delight for lovers of fashion because the styles are at the top and very affordable prices.

Indeed, in style, these shorts for women are very biased. Models are very varied and the colors are even more different that the choice will be difficult because we all loved. In class or relaxed mode, the choice belongs to each for the most beautiful of the shorts.


Some models of the new collection of shorts for women

As mentioned before, there are many styles available in this collection of shorts for women in chouchoudress. As in the collections of evening dresses, there are style ideal upscale for the city and the styles a little casual for stay at home or to go to the beach.

Here is a model of short on pleated style which has a solid color. Very classy and elegant to wear, this model has two large pockets and a door belt. For the amateurs of military color, this model will be perfectly adequate.

With a more casual style, here is the short in viscose with an elastic waist and a cord. This is the model e kind that feels perfectly at home. For the choice of color, this model is available in blue, grey or green for only € 24.99.

Hyper upscale and chic also, perfect in any environment, here is short white cotton with a straight cut. Its color is very beautiful and allows displaying any look and highlighting any garment that is with.

Thanks to this short model belt ornament, the style becomes very refined. This cotton model is so very classy, available in different colors on chouchoudress. This pretty short for woman is currently sold at a price of €27.99.

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Beautiful evening dresses of the stars at the Movie Festival of Taormina

The movie stars have worn beautiful dresses at the Movie Festival of Taormina in Italy

Taormina Festival (1)

It’s one of the biggest events of the month of June for the movie stars. It happened in Italy from June to June 21 which one could see actresses and stars of all kinds scroll on the red carpet. And of course, their magnificent evening dresses deserve a look. Here are the most beautiful dresses seen during this Taormina Festival.


The 2014 Festival of Taormina and the look of stars

An appointment in the world of celebrities

 Taormina Festival (3)

The 59th Film Festival of Taormina, Italy has kept its promises of greatness. This Festival a place of choice to make the presentation of famous films premieres, and also to meet actresses, celebrity and cinema fans.

Taormina Festival (4)

Apart from the fact to be important in the world of cinema, there is also another side which draws much attention; it is the field of fashion. It is, of course, the look of the stars and the beautiful dresses that they choose for parade on the red carpet of the Festival.


The beautiful dresses that passed on the red carpet of Taormina

Taormina Festival (5)

During the Festival, the styles are succeeded if we talk only about the Eva Longoria star that made a splash at every appearance. To not make a faux pas, celebrities and actresses have all focused on elegance and chic, and it works because the red carpet shined elegance throughout the Festival.

Taormina Festival (6)

One of the most beautiful and elegant dresses seen during this Festival; it is therefore the splendid red evening of Eva Longoria dress. The Mermaid strapless dress style perfectly showcases her body. His morphology follow perfectly the dress and color and even more sexy. She is perfect.

Taormina Festival (7)

Pamela Anderson has also played on the theme of elegance and chic with his white dress. It is a model of the Sicily Designer. With a length at the level, the style of dress highlights well its physical assets especially at the level of the bust.

Taormina Festival (1)

An evening dress short black color, this is what chose Margareth Made to scroll on the red carpet of Taormina. The star remained discreet while keeping pure elegance with her evening dress. We love the flying skirt at the waist.

Taormina Festival (2)

The colorful summer trend reached actress Mélanie Griffith. She chose a light colored short dress with wide shoulder straps for the red carpet. All smiling, she accompanied her pretty dress with a colorful also handbag. Its look is colorful but still very classy.

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