The most beautiful evening dresses at the ceremony of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Sublime dresses stars during the ceremony of the MTV Movie Awards

MTV Movie Awards

The ceremony of the MTV Movie Awards 2015 well kept its promises. As every year, the stars and actresses paraded on the red carpet with beautiful evening dresses. Here are some of the most beautiful dresses of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards ceremony .


2015 Movie Awards and beautiful dresses of ceremony

Another fashion appointment of celebrities

MTV Movie Awards

Even if it is an awards ceremony for cinema, the red carpet is all the more put forward. It is a festival of fashion for actresses and other stars of showbiz. And when talking about dress, some famous names are repeated very often.

MTV Movie Awards

If it only talks about Cara Develigne, Jennifer Lopez, or even Rihanna, they choose all of superb outfits, elegant and unique. The MTV Movie Avards therefore held the promise of a red carpet special feminine trend.


The most beautiful dresses seen on the red carpet

MTV Movie Awards

Cara Develigne is the first to have sublimated this ceremony. New in the world of cinema but not in the fashion world, she has opted for a retro stylish dress. It is a short dress loose sleeved fitted with a black belt highlighting its beauty.

MTV Movie Awards

If we talk about short and sexy dress, Liz Hernandez is surely one of the most noticed during this ceremony. With his gorgeous body, her short dress mini black perfectly reflects his style. This mini dress has wide suspenders and her body is very uncomfortable.

MTV Movie Awards

The sexiest stars dresses is surely the Jennifer Lopez dress. It has opted for a black total look with a super-short dress and a black suit for accompanied by upwards of a pouch of the same color. Her featured cleavage and the size marked by a belt, her look is simply sexy.

MTV Movie Awards

The star Victoria Justice has opted for a shiny mini dress for the ceremony of the MTV Movie Awards 2015. She has a very young style with this brilliant multi-colored robe. Very chic, this dress to the sexy look has not gone unnoticed on the red carpet.

MTV Movie Awards 2015

This dress is surely the sexiest on the red carpet; this is the dress of the beautiful Maia Mitchell. It is a dress mini black color with beautiful long sleeves. It assumes perfect her look with this style of dress that perfectly follows the curves of her body.

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Evening dresses and looks on the red carpet of the Oscars 2015

The splendid dresses evening stars have sublimated the 2015 Oscars


 Naomi Watts 87th Academy Awards, Oscars, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America

Naomi Watts
87th Academy Awards, Oscars, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America

Like every year, the 2015 Oscars ceremony has kept his promise. It was a real show, a sublime awards ceremony. Of course, stars ceremony means red carpet and evening dresses. Here is the most beautiful star’s look at the 2015 Oscars.


Oscars 2015, the most beautiful ceremony

The gorgeous looks of celebrities

2015 Oscars

When talking about this important event of stars of cinema and other celebrities, fashion is never far away. Each appearance on the red carpet, these celebrities are sure to please their fans by choosing the look most top, by opting for the dress of ceremony.

2015 Oscars

This year 2015, there were several stars have sublimated the red carpet with their look. The most beautiful dresses with stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Watts or Emma Stone has noticed. Almost all have chosen dress couture by famous designers.


The gorgeous dresses celebrities on the red carpet

2015 Oscars

One of the best dresses actresses on the red carpet is Keirah Knightley. The pretty actress has chosen a Valentino evening dress. This is a princess dress pattern with floral prints. At the look, designed with lace with wide straps, the morphology of the actress is well ahead.

2015 Oscars

Another who opted for a dress in lace, this is Jennifer Lopez. The star chose one indeed sexy and elegant long dress dotted with floral motifs. Unlike Keirah dress, has a sexy neckline. The skirt form splendid large sails.


Emma Stone

Emma Stone

It is with great elegance that actress Emma Stone has paraded on the red carpet. The star has opted for an evening dress from Elie Saab. It is a semi-transparent dress elegant and chic with long sleeves and a sensual green color. It was sublime on the red carpet of the Oscars.

2015 Oscars

One cannot speak of red carpet without speaking of the beautiful Scarlett Johansson. She was still able to put forward its beauty and body. She chose a beautiful mermaid dress that perfectly enhances its morphology. It is a green with a strapless Versace dress with a sexy neckline.


Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

It is with a green color also chic evening dress that actress Nicole Kidman has paraded on the red carpet. It’s a strapless dress model Luis Vuitton with a skirt draped and a red belt that marks its size. It is with an elegant look and a smile of Queen that she has sublimated the 2015 Oscars ceremony.

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The most beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards


The red carpet of the stars and the sublime evening dresses of stars on the Grammy Awards

Gramy Awards dress

The Grammy Awards ceremony was held on February. This ceremony is awarded annually in the United States the best artists in the musical field. At the same time, it is the undisputed appointment for the stars to scroll on the red carpet and show their most beautiful outfits, their magnificent evening dresses.

Striking evening gowns at the Grammy Awards

The red carpet at the Grammy Awards, a fashion show of dresses

Grammy awards dress

As every year, the red carpet at the Grammy Awards has promised a true fashion show where the stars and famous singers showed their beautiful dresses. Some stars are demarcated with their sublime evening dresses, here are some models.

Grammy Awards dress

The most beautiful dresses are followed. There are a few stars like Rihanna, Kat Graham, Taylor Swift and more. The colors and…

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News in chouchoudress, the woman dresses

Women dresses models are added to the collection of chouchoudress

Here’s a new that will liked the dresses’ lovers. Many models of short dresses and long dresses are added to the collection of women dresses. More stylish, more trends, and younger, these new models are going to be the leading products of the 2015’s spring-summer season.


The woman dresses and fashionable 2015

New models of stylish and casual dresses

These new models of dresses women have varied and all styles trends. Indeed, the dresses category is divided into two parts, long dresses and short dresses. All of these models have the same strengths; they are chic, casual and young dresses.

These new gowns are designed in a very precise manner in accordance with the current trend. They perfectly reflect the trend spring-summer 2015 fashionable women. You can see among others of various designs, bright colors and very feminine and simple cuts.


Some new models of dresses women

For starters, here’s a super short dress style chic and feminine. It’s the dress knee flying two-tone kind heart pattern. As its name suggests, the dress is decorated with little hearts patterns. It has also 3/4 as well as a short skirt flying.

Beautiful and with a more casual look, here is the floral printed dress with knee sleeves. Totally young, in the image of the trend spring-summer 2015, her skirt and sleeves are decorated with flowery prints while the bust is a solid color.

Between long and short dress, here is a model of knee dress with printed handlebars and a splendid asymmetrical skirt. Designed with silk, this dress says one side very chic and at the same time, its asymmetrical cut with the printed show a much laid back feminine look.

Given that these new models also feature long dresses, this model focus many women. It is a long dress with retro prints with fine tropical straps. It is a very light, ideal dress for the spring-summer 2015.

For the love of dresses on grounds of animals, here is the long dress pattern leopard with straps and a v neck It is a very charming and very casual dress designed with muslin. The V-neck presents a clear bust and says a great femininity of the dress.

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What dress to choose for the New Year celebration?

The choice of a pretty dress at the beginning of year 2015

In this New Year 2015, celebrations and greeting ceremonies occur. Attend these must-see venue each beginning of the year, to make the right choice of evening dress. Here are some ideas of choice of ideal dresses for New Year festivities.


The most beautiful dresses for the celebration of the New Year

The ceremonies and festivals in January

One is in 2015, and at the beginning of the year, opportunities for holidays and outputs are any missing. And some women do not want to wear the same dress for the year-end holidays. Here are a few ideas to make the right choice of evening dress


To begin, you should know that it is currently in winter and a dress following this atmosphere is required. A long evening dress would be perfect, accompanied by an elegant evening coat. For style, there’s a wide variety of choices to appear with elegance.


Styles to have with for the beginning of the year 2015


Here’s a first model of evening dress, its timeless sumptuous long evening dress. This long dress has a soft and smooth cut, designed with elegant satin. Her bustier style reflects the winter atmosphere.


Very sweet and chic, this evening dress will be wonderful to wear for a party at the beginning of the year. It’s the evening dress strapless heart designed with very elegant clear muslin. This style at ground level will give an effect very stylish and feminine look.


To stay in an absolute femininity in this beginning of the year in celebrations or cocktail e good year, a split dress could prove very useful. All in chiffon, this dress is a dress real Empress, stylish and elegant. A belt at the waist as this model adds a chic touch.


While remaining in the color of the winter at the beginning of the year, it is also advisable to opt for a dress to skirt at wheel and suspenders. This sublime evening dress ivory will be perfect for a party at the office between co-workers. This dress will show a completely different appearance from the usual look.

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What evening dress to choose for Christmas?

Make the right choice of evening dress for Christmas and year-end holidays

For many women, Christmas and new year celebrations are an opportunity to have a new look. Many choose to wear a new evening dress to illuminate their look. And in evening dresses, here are the proposals of chouchoudress so that all women wear a splendid dress.


The most beautiful dresses for Christmas and new year holidays

How to choose a perfect dress?

For Christmas and the end of the year, women tend to opt for an evening in the festive colors of Christmas dress. It is one of the keys to have a very feminine look of habit, the choice turns to red, Golden and silver color.

Other colors are also very taken, but these are the preferred. For style, strapless dresses and gowns flush with the body are the stars. These models remain chic and stylish in the winter. And increasingly, they are easily accompanied by a mantle of evening.

Some leading models of dresses for Christmas

One of the most admired dresses, here is the Red Christmas evening dress a-line and cape. It’s a long evening with straps with open bust dress. Color is sublime and reflects total and folds seen on almost all dress adds a touch of elegance to the dress.

For those who love silver dresses, they will love this model. It’s the evening dress Golden Christmas with straps cross in the back. It’s a long evening dress designed with pleated satin. That gives a very captivating effect at all.

For lovers of short evening dresses, here is the Christmas short glitter cocktail dress to the with a silver. Its advantage is its bustier as well as cutting scabbard cutting scabbard very feminine style. It is ideal for evening of Christmas with a stylish evening coat.

To have a look of Princess at Christmas, the ideal is to choose this beautiful evening in asymmetric single shoulder dress discovering a shoulder. It is a long dress with a long train skirt and a beautiful rhinestone belt. The appearance is very sublime through very precise and detailed cutting.

For a classic style of elegance, some women may opt for this sublime elegant pretty evening dress, ivory color. Output of the new collection, this  gorgeous evening dress will make many happy women.

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Christmas evening dresses, new promotional offers

The most beautiful Christmas evening dresses are currently in promotion for the happiness of women


If some women have already chosen their dresses for Christmas, others are still hesitant. For these women who have not yet found their dresses for Christmas, chouchoudress offers a wide choice amongst its superb evening dresses models long Christmas.


A special promotion for Christmas on evening dresses

One purchased dress, another broken price


This year, chouchoudress reserve a special promotion for the fashion lovers. Indeed, for a purchased dress, the client has the right to add another dress with a price. For an evening gown, the second dress will be purchased for just € 15.


This offer is valid for products in subcategory Christmas. To do this, therefore, need to first choose a main article before adding a second story to take advantage of the price. For an evening gown, the second dress will be €15 only; this is an offer not to be missed.


Sublime chouchoudress Christmas evening dresses


All the types of dresses presented in this category are elegants, gorgeous and chic. The choice will be difficult because each model’s dress has characteristic and unique features. The colors also reflect the atmosphere of Christmas.


Here’s the short evening dress, Christmas red strapless cocktail dress charming heart Princess. It is a very chic dress model through the folds can be seen on the side front of the dress, at the level of the bust and waist. Any lightness, it is a beautiful cocktail dress.


Here is a long evening dress, red Christmas evening dress a-line with a long chiffon cape. It is a splendid dress with chic shoulder straps and a pretty skirt in vertical folds. The bust is as chic as the rest of the dress, and Red offers a unique dress look.


With a sexy side, this ceremony / evening Christmas dress will be a very remarkable dress. A red color, with a halter style and a mini-trained and a rhinestone to the back ramp, the dress comes with class.


For more brilliance in the appearance, one can opt for this stunning short cocktail Christmas dress. Its peculiarity is that the bust is covered with beautiful white pearls. The skirt in red highlights the dress.

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